What language to learn

I’m a beginner writer from The Philippines. I know English rather well. But not perfect. And I want to improve my English and learn some extra foreign. I think about French and Chinese. It will develop my mind and some creative abilities to writing. What do you think about this?

  • Really agreeing with Grace. Though I also think a lot of languages really revolve around learning culture as well, and "slang" in other cultures could be another point to discuss, if one was to really connect with a certain language. Just a thought. – James Smith 8 years ago
  • Learning Mandarin Chinese has a lot of perks. It is one of the largest business languages in the world, second only to English, and opens a lot of doors. Second languages in general open doors, but I would suggest Chinese. Assuming you're from America, it has a monolingual culture, meaning that the majority of the natives grow up learning only one language. It is more commonplace in other countries to grow up bilingual. In some countries, you would actually be considered weird if you only spoke one language. – Qiao ChengHua 8 years ago
  • Learning any romance language will be extremely helpful in being able to read and understand other romance languages. French is a good choice for a second language― especially if you're interested in improving your creative writing abilities. There is a lot of famous French literature. – zoetees 8 years ago

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