What the Seeker Has Sought: Femininity and Masculinity in Horizon Zero Dawn

The progressive female representation of Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn has been praised by reviewers and gamers alike. However, the gender politics of Horizon Zero Dawn begs to be further examined. Is there a dichotomy created between the feminine and masculine through characters such as Aloy, Elizabet, and GAIA in contrast to Ted Faro, Sylens, and HADES? Additionally, how is this dichotomy complicated by these same characters or others that Aloy encounters?

  • Interesting dichotomy thoughts. If you look at this dichotomy, you can see that the point of the masculine characters is to undermine or undo the work of the female characters which, if you think about it, has been happening since before the birth of Zero Dawn. I'm also curious to look at the secondary adn tertiary characters that come up throughout the game who provide quests and fight with her at the end of the game. I would say that at the end of the game that the cycle is broken, but Sylens ruins that as well. I'm curious to see more. If anything, it gives me a reason to play Zero Dawn again! – VideoGameProf 6 years ago

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