What type of film adaptations ensure that William Shakespeare's works will continue to resonate with future film viewers?

Analyze the different types of film adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays. Which type will ensure that audiences will continue to connect with his plays, written 400 years ago? Some films like Olivier’s portrayal of Hamlet are essentially filmed plays. Others, such as last year’s Macbeth (with Michael Fassbinder) are dramatized faithful renditions while 1996’s Romeo and Juliet (by Baz Luhrmann) modernizes the setting and employs popular young ‘movie stars’ (Leonardo DiCaprio and Clare Danes).

  • Interesting topic. I think to some degree, all forms of adaptations have been successful, because there is audience for all. It also depends on the promotion and market of the genre. I myself love the original Romeo and Juliet adaptation but the modernized version starring Leonardo DiCaprio give it a new twist and a new fan base, Leo's fans. He has a large fan base, thus making his movies, anything they maybe attractive. But let us not forget that those who have to read the original plays or not familiar with the form of English spoken, still had trouble relating to the movie. – Nilab Ferozan 8 years ago
  • Shakespeare's history plays will continue to resonate with the struggles for power. – Jeffery Moser 8 years ago

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