What would have happened if Tom Holland wasn't picked to play Spider Man?

There were lots of extremely good choices for the next Spider Man character. It was highly projected at one time that Asa Butterfield would land the role, but by June, Butterfield was out. There were several other choices as well, and Marvel and Sony both spent an entire year searching. Holland has characteristics that overqualify him, such as his ability to dance and do his own stunts, especially flips. But what were to happen if someone else was chosen? How would they rank against Tom, and each other? If Tom wasn’t a good choice, who should they have chosen? Spider Man, according to Marvel.com, is "the most successful franchise in the history of Sony Pictures, with the five films having taken in more than $4 billion worldwide," after all. Did they pass off the role to the right person?

  • It would be a little odd and wrong to judge actors against Holland without the film actually being released yet. Perhaps instead of comparing to Holland you could inclue him in the discussion into what would make him a good Spider-Man as well as the "what ifs". Other than holland and Butterfield I didn't really know which actors were up for consideration so maybe as well as discussing the actors you could talk about the different people who have taken on the persona of Spider-Man: obviously Peter Parker and Myles Morales but maybe also an older Parker or a new character altogether. – Jamie White 9 years ago
  • It's a marvel film, I don't think it really matters. They could used a chimpanzee, call him Banana Parker and fans will still love it – Lazarinth 9 years ago

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