When Critics and Fans Disagree

Just because a film is praised by the critics doesn’t mean that the film fans will agree. Analyze a few films that were well regarded by critics, but flopped at the box office. Are there qualities that critics look for in a good film that the mass movie-going population doesn’t seem to care about? Or can critics hyping a film raise the population’s expectations too high, so that they are disappointed once they see the film?

  • There should be some discussion on the difference between objectivity and subjectivity. Is a film good? Did you like X film? For the most part the general movie going public won't analyse a film, they will go off their initial reaction of enjoyment and leave it at that and then obvioulsy they'll go mad if someone dares disagree with them. But then, what gives these critics the right to say how good these films are? Are they just relaying their opinion? There will/may be a small portion of the general public that know more about film than the critics themselves. Critics should objectify, but don't always do so They probably subjetify more often know in fact. The audience usually subjectify, but that doesn't mean they can't analyse a film. There's a lot of blurring of lines with critics and the audience. – Jamie White 9 years ago
  • It'd also be interesting to explore people who review movies independently on blogs or social media. What audience are movie critics writing to now with the proliferation of the internet, social media, and thereby amateur opinion? Are their educated opinions becoming obsolete in a culture where amateur opinion is more easily accessible both in platform and content? – SarahCarr 9 years ago
  • Perhaps there should be a possible correction included in the article. For example, critics use a much more complex scale in grading films than, say, the average IMDb user. Generally a viewer will go off of more simple criteria like general entertainment value and acting. Critics have to find more depth and meaning and go off of other things such as cinematography, lighting, camera angles, writing, etc. Perhaps discussing a more efficient system to differentiate between a notorious critic vs an average film viewer would be helpful. Maybe including a progression system with each review showing the level of intimacy a person shows with film? – cbazil 9 years ago

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