When You’re Too Scared to Start Freelance Blogging

When you’re trapped between something you must do (like write that blog article) and something you can’t do (like write that blog article, because of a variety of reasons), it causes stress. It feels like any action that you can possibly take is the wrong one; if you do manage to work on your article, you second-guess your work and that feeds right back into the stress.

The mind is tricky and likes to avoid stress when possible. Which is when you find your attention sliding away from your article and back to social media, games, even housework…anything to put off the complex problems ahead of you.

However, this vicious cycle of can’t-do/must-do can usually be stopped.

  • A good idea, maybe expand this a bit. It isn't that a blog is one article, but a series of entries. Doing a blog requires that it be updated or refreshed or kept new. So how does one commit themselves to being consistent or have perseverance? – Joseph Cernik 4 years ago
  • A pretty straight forward focus, I assume the following discussion would be on ways to avoid procrastination or to motivate writing. Actually as you are looking specifically at blog posts it may be interesting to explore what are some great stimulus for developing blog posts. – SaraiMW 4 years ago

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