Where is the Reality?

Scripted television shows have been struggling of late, most especially the sitcom. It used to be that shows lasted for six seasons or more (M*A*S*H with 11 seasons, Friends with 10, Seinfeld with 9, Will and Grace with 8 etc. etc.). These shows were clever and all of which, even a series about nothing (Seinfeld), have had re-runs playing since they went off the air. Now shows follow the same trite scripts: eventually all focusing more on relationships and/or unrealistic story lines. So what could be the solution? Reality shows? No. Even reality shows are not that realistic, having been dramatized by producers to get increased ratings.

So what can be done? It is important that viewers, especially the young and impressionable, see shows that can be simultaneously entertaining and educational. Television is so popular that it has the power to influence one’s perception of the events of their own life so it is important that at least some of the shows send positive messages and are relatable.

  • Whoever covers this topic should define "reality." Munjeera – Munjeera 8 years ago
  • I don't think it is clear enough what this topic is. You speak about reality, but then mention sitcoms which aren't necessarily known for their realism. I'm not sure what the focus of this topic is: shows becoming less realistic and more sensationalist, the opportunity for change in television. These are interesting concepts, but I think you need to create a very clear contention, which is not made clear above. – Matthew Sims 8 years ago

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