Where Next for Phil Lord and Chris Miller?

Having successfully rebooted 21 Jump Street into a successful franchise and helmed The Lego Movie into a one also, the comedic duo are in high demand. Having signed on to write and produce the future installments in the Lego series, while also negotiation a potential Jump Street and Men in Black crossover, they are not actually contracted to direct any of these projects. So what will they do next? You could look at the mass amount of rumours flying around or you could simply suggest a few potential properties that would be interesting to see their kinetic style put to.

  • Cool article, checking out their particular directorial style (use of visuals etc.) might a good basis for the article. – Thomas Munday 9 years ago
  • They have just been contacted to write the Flash sequel as well and currently they are directing or writing (not sure which) The Last Man on Earth TV series. – Tyler McPherson 9 years ago

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