Do you prefer US or UK sitcoms and why?

For me there is a big difference between the UK and US sitcoms, both have some great shows but for me as a whole I prefer UK sitcoms but some of the US shows are my favourites. What do you think?

  • I would advise editing your topic to include a more focused approach. Just what about the sitcoms do you think makes UK ones better? Filming? Writing? Ect. I would suggest maybe looking into the shooting styles and the humour styles between the US and UK. They are actually quite varied. – LondonFog 8 years ago
  • Avoid pure opinion. – Christen Mandracchia 8 years ago
  • A agree with @Christien ^^ I believe that a more direct analysis would be necessary- Perhaps try taking some shows that have both US and UK counterparts and comparing and contrasting them would create a better piece. What social issues do US/UK sitcoms seem to present more? What is "funnier" to their respective audiences? Do these TV shows have any success in the opposite market? – AndyJanz 8 years ago

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