Why is everyone SO obsessed with Game of Thrones

What are the main elements that keep viewers hooked to the television show that has quite literally taken the world by storm. This can be analyzed from a psychological perspective or from an entertainment-quality perspective

  • I think the Game of Thrones deserves this popularity. Rather, I reckon The Big Bang Theory is a bit overrated in the teenager circles because most of them are interested in sciences and they want to show it off. Plus, Firends is absolutely more overrated than anything, even if it's a historic piece. So, first we tackle them, Game of Thrones comes later. – Abhimanyu Shekhar 9 years ago
  • The diversity of the characters would be an excellent point of discussion. There is something in GoT that appeals to everyone, there is at least one character that one can relate to, usually more. Another excellent point would be the universality of the themes in the show and books. It tackles a lot of concepts that appeal to a broad audience such as family, politics, love and responsibility. – Visenya 9 years ago
  • Please answer this! I am so bored of the show at this point and people who love it get REALLY defensive of it. – Erin Derwin 8 years ago

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