Will an Audience Still Want to go on the Road with David Brent?

With his first film in a while, Special Correspondents, coming out on Netflix this week, could look ahead to Ricky Gervais’s next film project, the revival of David Brent in Life on the Road. Is there still an apetite for it? Admitting he was swayed to do the film because of the success of the Alan Partridge movie, will this attempt suffer in comparison to the original? Considering there is no Stephen Merchant involved and that his later online skits of Brent on youtube weren’t as successful, can the movie recapture the formula that made The Office so successful?

  • I don't know if the audience that actually 'get' The Office will appreciate it. Of course the fact he's doing it at all could be a big ironic statement on how Gervais is perceived. He's clearly smart enough to know that it's an unpopular choice to egg out Brent's character but that might well be the point. – JChic 8 years ago

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