Will Comic Readers Start to Branch Out Come 2016?

Marvel and DC have been in the comic scene for decades, they have made huge impacts on comic readers everywhere. Not only with their ability to draw in the reader, but to make characters that stick with them forever throughout their lifetime. That being said, what does that do to the other comic book publishers such as; Image Comics/Vertigo Comics/Wildstorm Comics/Dark Horse Comics/Boom! Comics etc. Most of these comic publishing companies don’t make superhero comics, they make other genres of comics books. I know some comic book buddies that don’t even know half of that list exists.

Knowing that, what do you think this does for them? The love for superheroes will never cease, but with the approaching years to come do you think that readers are going to switch to other genres and give up on the cliche superhero plots? There are some really good comics out there in the wavelengths, Paper Girls being one of them.

Do you think readers are going to make the adjustment and start giving these comic publishing companies the credit they deserve?

Or keep on going with superheroes?

If you agree, do you think these publishing companies will get movie rights and start making even more comic films that don’t have to deal with superheroes?

And even so, do you think they would make any money if they did start to make other genres of comic films?

  • Is there some particular reason that 2016 will be the "migration" year? Personally, I see DC and Marvel as the gateway publishers. I started with Batman graphic novels, then getting into the Batman monthly issues,and branching out into Wonder Woman New 52 (Azzarello and Chang) and Green Lantern before I picked up Saga, an Image published comic. I can't say I would have gotten Saga without first getting into DC, but man am I glad I did. It is important also to keep in mind that Marvel and DC use publisher owned characters, compared to Image and Vertigo which are creator-owned books and characters. The ownership allows for some more risks and deviations from what the big wigs would see as popular; it allows for more "art" (not that DC and Marvel can't have literary books, just that it isn't as often or easy with their characters). – nsnow 7 years ago
  • All things being equal, comic books attract a certain audience; and different genres of comics have a specialized audience that is a subset of the whole of the comic book audience, with relatively little crossover. Barring a profound cultural shift, I think the status quo shall remain relatively intact for the foreseeable future. – JDJankowski 7 years ago

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