Women in Animation

Explore the animation industry and the struggles women have to face to earn recognition. For example, in the movie, Brave, Brenda Chapman was taken off the project despite Brenda being Pixar’s first female director for the film. Is the animation industry slowly becoming more accepting of women taking on lead roles? Or is animation ‘just for the boys’ because of its technical skill?

  • animation of women does in fact give men the uplift but is also gives the characters more of an interest think about it if men in animations was to be your dream guy or a animated visual of what you like it would make you more indulged into it and etc. – TheOfficialLudd 8 years ago
  • Women in Animation has always been a popular topic. Well, women in any field is a popular topic, whether it's actual women or fictional characters. I don't know the answer to these questions, but I would certainly like to! Your inside topics could be: History of Animation, jobs for women in animation, possible concerns, why women shouldn't work in animation, why they should, a real life example (like Brenda Chapman), plus some more real life examples. All with your opinion. If you are going to have an opinion that women should be allowed or/and are accepted in the animation industry, then do it throughout your paper. However, if you are giving us history and something to think about, sticking to the facts would be interesting. Of course, whether you clearly state that this is an opinion piece or not, there is always a way for your opinions to slip through. – MRose 8 years ago

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