Would you rather… Read or Watch TV?

In youth culture in the United States, reading has become a pastime of just that, the past. With Netflix, Hulu, and other online sources, people are now finding new ways to spend their time. But what about the book? This topic would list benefits of reading: From improving your writing skills to adding to your vocabulary.

  • I would also examine less immediately practical benefits or downfalls or reading vs. watching T.V., specifically as to which best forms one as a whole person – Luthien 9 years ago
  • This can be well explored from contrasted views, like to talk about the invention by using the new technology of the TV which helps a lot to widen our views, to see more various parts of the world and save paper. However, as a traditional way of gaining knowledge, we can never give up the habit of reading. – MengjieWu 9 years ago
  • Maybe you should include something like how people's taste or interest in shows affect whether they read or not. – dvr1138 9 years ago
  • Great idea. Maybe a list of books can also be added that would interest people. A lot of what's on tv has been created by the ideas of books and so the books that the ideas came from can be introduced. This way people are also enjoying what they read. – DSantoyo 9 years ago
  • It doesn't seem like you will be exploring this particular side effect and maybe I am unique in this respect, but I find that when I realize a show I like is based off of a book, I go and get the book. You know? I heard The Walking Dead was based off of a comic book series, so you best believe I went and bought the comic book series. And what was great about that was the fact that things are different in the TV Walking Dead vs the Comic Book Walking Dead. So while you are still following these characters that you love and seeing both mediums stay true to the themes they have adopted, you are still getting different journeys that remain perfectly interesting and intense. What I am trying to say is that there is also this part of your topic where TV adapting a book might be leading to increased sales of that book because now millions of people know that this awesome book exists. – AishaSaleh 9 years ago
  • Audiobooks are always an option? – Lazarinth 9 years ago
  • I, personally, would prefer to read, for arbitrary reasons. However, many people see reading as a cognitively active activity, while watching television is seen as a cognitively passive activity. This isn't true; by learning cinematography and the art of film language, you can train yourself to actively watch television in order to see how directors subconsciously manipulate camera shots, lighting, and scripting to sway the audience to think certain ways. One time I watched Gone Girl and admired the use of warm, welcoming lighting that contrasted with the grim subject matter in an ironic finish. Don't worry,man, not all people who watch instead of read aren't dumb. – AlyssaMariano 9 years ago

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