WWII Historiography in X-men

X-men films have included WWII based story lines through the characters Magneto and Wolverine (among others). What do these snippets of history teach its readers about this complex war and its aftermath? What messages are they trying to convey to the modern audience about contemporary issues? To cover the depictions of WWII in the comics might be too large an undertaking so I have limited it to the films.

  • One result of the war that should be looked into is PTSD - of the soldiers who survived WWII, and victims such as the Jews who suffered in the Holocaust. In the X-Men films, the characters who personally experienced WWII (mainly Wolverine and Magneto) are never shown to receive the proper counseling and treatment for dealing with the horrors they experienced due to the war. That lack of treatment greatly influenced how their characters developed throughout the film franchise. – lnr1772 9 years ago

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