Young superheroes in DC's new streaming service

The new original content that is available on DC’s streaming service are Titans and S3 of Young Justice. Both are matured interpretations of DC’s "younger" teams and both have Dick Grayson as the primary character. What is the appeal of making shows about younger heroes. How do they differ from prior interpretations (Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go!, S1&2 Young Justice, etc.)

  • I think this topic definitely has to delve into the history of superhero comics, particularly with teenaged sidekicks. As far as I understand, for so long, superhero sidekicks were often young teens who weren't developed much beyond aiding the main heroes. Heroes such as the Teen Titans and Young Justice allowed comic-book readers, who were mostly young children and teens, to see themselves represented and allow them to relate more to them. The sidekicks weren't just sidekicks anymore, they were their own heroes, but like youth, were still learning about the world and themselves. Many still faced regular teenage challenges while navigating dangerous lives. From a more cynical and business perspective? Money. Having younger heroes allows networks to target younger demographics, and thus catch more views and sell more toys for kids. This is especially present with action cartoons, many of which have of course been in the superhero genre. TTG, as hated as it is by many, is CN's most profitable ongoing IP due to this, though its views do seem to be waning as of late. (Though this may be a part of the general decline in cable TV ratings) – ImperatorSage 5 years ago

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