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YouTube as a source of talent searches: the influx of new musicians discovered on YouTube and how it happen

An analysis of Youtube’s influence of rising stars as well as their decision to cancel accounts for independent artists.

  • Jemarc, this is great. I was just in a conversation where people were talking about this topic. I could not add to much to the conversation but would like to see an article by someone who knows this subject matter so I will be a little more educated and there are probably others out there like me. So great idea! – Venus Echos 9 years ago
  • Jemarc- I know that this isn't exactly on your topic, but it relates. A contestant on the most recent season of Survivor (Survivor 30) was cast because of his viral video on YouTube. This video was of him and his wife dancing at a gas station. My point is that it would be interesting to see how viral videos can create avenues for fame or success. – bookworm2g9 9 years ago

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