Youtube- Why Demonitization is Downfall

The platform of Youtube is perhaps at its most controversial stage in its development to date. Due to it being owned by Google and advertisements being a determiner of the conventional Youtubers income, there is a huge pressure on content creators to make their videos as uncontroversial as possible in order for them to receive such monetisation . This has resulted in watered down content, demonetisation of otherwise entertaining videos and even lawsuits such as the controversial ‘H3H3 productions’ debacle which was a battle which lasted over a year. Overall this topic would help shed some light on how artistic capacity is limited by censorship and demonetisation.

  • PSA Sitch did a really great video series about why Youtube ads are failing (he's usually political, but this one wasn't really, if that's a thing that would have irritated you) and why the advertisers are backing out. Highly recommended, way smarter and more complicated than I had imagined. It's called "Who's Really Attacking Youtube Ads and Why." – m-cubed 6 years ago

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