A Black James Bond

Daniel Craig became the first ‘blonde’ Bond, but once his tenure comes to a close, a new face will be required to sip those Vodka martinis and put paid to the latest Mr Big’s plans to dominate the world. When considering the many, fine black actors working these days, perhaps it’s time that we had a black James Bond. After all, the CIA operative Felix Leiter was recast in the 2006 franchise reboot, with the excellent American actor Jeffrey Wright proving he was more than capable of handling a darker role (excuse the unintended pun). So, which black actor could become Bond and, more importantly, why? Bear in mind that it is the character of Bond that is the focus, so the choice of actor must be one who can both fills those shoes and yet be able to make that character his own. This is not a popularity contest. On a personal note – I would suggest Chiwetel Ejiofor (‘Twelve Years a Slave’. 2013). He is the consummate professional who possesses a solid, on-screen (and stage) presence. His IMDB profile shows an impressive track record that demonstrates he can switch from comedic to dramatic roles with ease (just take a look at his performance in ‘Kinky Boots’. 2005) and he is ruggedly handsome enough to raise respectful envy from male Bond fans whilst undoubtedly turning more than a few female fans’ heads. Remember, James Bond is an iconic role so your choice and reasons must take this into consideration.

  • I am not sure how many people would like to see a black James Bond, but I am one of those people who would like to see a black James Bond. However, the last time I heard this topic being discussed, there was an opposition for a black actor to take on the role. The main argument against it was that the author envisioned a white person doing this role. But, from a personal point of view, Chiwetel Elijofor would make a great James Bond, or Idris Elba would make a great James Bond. Especially if the character of James Bond is not a character, but a job title that gets filled once the position becomes available at MI6. So, if the James Bond is not a person, but a job position that gets filled up, then yes! A black James Bond would be great. However, if the James Bond is supposed to be a white person because that is the vision of the author, then I would say no because that is the vision of the creator. – nbcaballero 6 years ago
  • Wasn't Idris Elba long rumored to be the next James Bond? He has mass appeal and is a wonderful actor. I think many people would love to see a great actor like him in that role. – Mccaela 6 years ago

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