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    Star Wars' Rey and Wonder Woman Depict Evolution for the Treatment of Women in Films

    Throughout the years women in film were portrayed in one way and now women are depicted differently. Women were objectified and sexualized in films. However, in recent years, Star Wars and Wonder Woman have changed the dynamic of women in film. For instance, Wonder Woman does a few elements that help with the evolution of women in films. For one, the film represents a strong woman, and two Wonder Woman does not need the help of a man to be saved. The film represents independence, free thinking, and equality to name a few ideas that the film represents. However, Wonder Woman still gets sexualized because of her outfit. Nevertheless, Star Wars’ Rey depicts another evolution for women in film. Rey does not get sexualized in the film and she still represents all of the positive components that make Wonder Woman a good film are found in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but Rey does not get objectified in the film. In fact, she is a character that overpowers the most dominant character in the film, Kylo Ren. She is able to use the "force" better than the most powerful character in the film, who is a man. The fact that Kylo Ren is a man and a well-trained warrior who is well-versed in the use of the "force" indicates that the evolution of Rey as a character is more important than sexualizing a woman and thus an evolution for women in these films is raised.

    • I suggest going back farther, add in: Michele Yeoh in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Pam Grier in Foxy Brown; Kate Beckinsale in Underworld, and; Carrie-Anne Moss in The Matrix. Just examples but a broader span of time with several more examples, and how they were seen when those particular movies were released would help this topic. – Joseph Cernik 6 years ago

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    Audiobooks, films, TV, the internet, and other forms of media are used for learning and to convey information as well. Therefore, audiobooks is another media that is used by people to learn new information and to enjoy stories. Besides Plato at some point in his life argued that books and any written will decay the souls of men. The same principle can be applied to audiobooks. There is no doubt that reading is good for you and you will learn a great deal and be exposed to other worlds and ideas. However, TV has been called a bad habit, at least from my parents. And yet it TV, is used as another source for learning, enjoying stories, ideas, and facts. Again audiobooks is another source for learning and this idea that audiobooks are not good for learning or enjoying stories will pass. Audiobooks is another learning and enjoying stories. And besides, sometimes you need to catch up with your reading while driving to work, or on a road trip.

    Audiobooks: Do they Enhance or Diminish the Enjoyment of a Story?

    F. Scott Fitzgerald writes about the American Dream; people who live in this country are seeking something, and that is what the novel is about. While the article points out the love affairs of the elite is outdated. It is more than love affairs. Gatsby represents the people of the U.S. and the green light he seeks every night is the something that he is looking for in his life. In the novel, Gatsby seeks Daisy, and that is what the green light represents. The light is at Daisy’s home harbor, which is obvious that he is looking/seeking for Daisy. However, Gatsby represents U.S. citizens in the novel, and when he looks towards the green light, it means that the people of this country are seeking the American Dream. The meaning of the green light is a dream that Gatsby is seeking and that is what U.S. citizens are constantly keep looking for in their lives: the American Dream. Therefore, the novel keeps it relevance today because it is depicting the American Dream, and people keep seeking it for it. So, the article is right to say that the novel is about the American Dream and therefore, it is relevant today because people are still looking for the American Dream.

    The Endurance of Gatsby

    Dystopian literature has one point: to make a point! The article, “What is the Purpose of Dystopian Literature?” aims to answer this question. However, the problem with answering this questions is that the answer is too obvious for the reader, at least from this humble reader’s point of view. Dystopian literature is a warning to a political ideology that seems too drastic, and this is an idea that is not new because it is coming from this article. Moreover, it is the obvious point of dystopian literature. However, in another sense, it is also asking its readers not to be sheep; otherwise, a dystopian future is not too far along. So, the purpose of this writings is to think for ourselves and to warn us about the possibilties of extremes.

    What is the Purpose of Dystopian Literature?


    I think you are right to point out that many comic books are aimed at “immature” males. In addition to this view, the fact is that sex sales, it does now, it did in past and it will in the future. So, as long as vice and sex keep people buying it, it will sell. However, if these female characters are kept sexualized is because it is a fantasy derived from men, at least it seems like that based on the characters used in the comic book world. I was reading an old (2014) article from FiverThirtyEight, “Comic Books are Still Made by Men, for Men and About Men” in which it showcases that men still dominate the comic book world and if that is the case today, then it is sexualized. This argument about comic book heroes being sexualized is to the point and simple: sex sales, then comic book female heroes will be sexualized (as pointed by the author of this article with the example of Harley Quinn in the newest “Suicide Squad” film). The other point you make, which is correct, people will continue to consume these products

    Sexism, Impracticality, and the Hopeful Future of Costuming