A world where climate change is a conspiracy

Debate motion: This house prefers a world where climate change is a conspiracy, but people still believe it.

How has this been reflected in futuristic sci-fi films or series (take Stargate for example) that portray theories about the future etc.? Did people believe in the effects of climate change more in the past than today and why?

Edit for clarification: Though this is the first topic I’ve introduced I thought it would be better to keep it open to interpretation. The primary aim of this topic is to encourage you to think about how current day problems facing society were reflected only as conspiracy theories in old movies. From this, determine if you think people took issues like climate change more seriously when they didn’t exist or weren’t as prominent.

  • You've marked the all the rejections as revised, but your topic has not changed since. Please add more context to the topic and tighten your thesis. leaving an open-ended question to have a topic "open to interpretation" does not help someone who is potentially looking to write this topic. – Pamela Maria 5 years ago
  • Discuss the representations of climate change in old films and its real-life implications on society – TheAuthortoria 5 years ago
  • The source of people's disbelief in climate change is wilder than we first think. Many of these people are flat-earthers. Many believe the government is lying to us about everything. I spoke to one who wonders why affluent property investors are still investing in homes that apparently would be destroyed in the next few years – surely they'd know the truth, she thinks. It requires a complete transformation of someone's frame of reference, not just a change of opinion. – naseemrad 5 years ago
  • You mention Stargate - which fascinates me. Can you make the connection between Stargate and your topic more explicit. – Elpis1988 5 years ago

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