Aging in Film

The recent release, The Age Of Adaline, focuses on a protagonist who has been unable to age since an accident in her youth. What other films are there that look at the disruption of aging? Curious Case of Benjamin Button is a definite possibility, but are there any others? And what are they trying to say with this theme?

  • The Highlander franchise popularized the immortal character in the late 1980s and 90s. Now we've also got the show Forever on television. Might be interesting to look at the differences in origin story of immortal monsters (like vampires) vs. immortal heroes or everyman characters and see what commonalities or differences lie between those two poles. – Monique 9 years ago
  • Maybe a stretch, but Interstellar might work for this because it deals with the concept of characters aging extremely quickly due to gravitational time dilation., so that while only a few hours pass for the heroes on the planet, 23 years pass on Earth. This time dilation continues throughout the whole film, and it eventually gets to a point that the main protagonist (mid-to-late 30's?) meets up with her elderly daughter (over 100 years old) after having not seen her since she was 10 years old. Could be worth talking about. – Daniel Hein 9 years ago
  • I was also going to suggest Interstellar. Very compelling idea... maybe it's reflective of societal fear of time's passage? I think that's a theme that can be traced a lot further back than films even, but those are great looks at it. – Helen Parshall 9 years ago
  • There was an adaption of Tuck Everlasting if i recall correctly. – wolfkin 9 years ago

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