Helen Parshall

Helen Parshall

Fresh out of college with an English degree! Trying to keep writing and learning while I navigate the real world and figure out where I belong.

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Latest Comments

Helen Parshall

This is incredibly accurate to my experience with writing – especially the fear. You’ve touched on a lot of truths here, thanks for sharing!

Writing: The Real Reason You Procrastinate
Helen Parshall

I’ve never really thought of youtube as an element of capitalism. This is really provocative, and a great read!

YouTube Capitalism: Vlogging Celebrities and Advertisers
Helen Parshall

This is a great piece on an artist I’ve genuinely never heard of. I’ll have to give him a listen!

The Popular Music Dilemma: What John Cage Can Teach Us about Listening
Helen Parshall

That would really also be compelling… maybe even a side by side study of the two topics. Excellent article!

A History of Colour: The Difficult Transition from Black and White Cinematography
Helen Parshall

This was a really compelling read, thanks for sharing!

From Homer to Fante: Blindness and Literary Vision
Helen Parshall

Glee… had so much potential when it first started. I will say that I’m still following the show, but it’s hard to remain a fan when the story lines go so many different directions in an attempt to be inclusive to every single issue under the sun… losing sight of the characters almost in the first place.

The Rise and Fall of Glee
Helen Parshall

That’s a really interesting perspective, thank you for sharing! I read somewhere that hobbits and the shire are representative of Tolkien’s England, and I think that really shows- especially through the juxtaposition you posit.

Hobbits: Tolkien's Unlikely Heroes
Helen Parshall

This is a very excellent article! Biopics are almost becoming the “fashion” in movies nowadays, and it’s interesting to me to wonder where the line between stories and truth is drawn. Take the Imitation Game, the story of Alan Turing… I’ve heard a lot of criticism that the film romanticizes so much of Turing’s life. But I’ve also heard that it’s one of the most moving and important films of 2014. I’ve yet to see it, although I plan to remedy that soon… but it’s really interesting to me to see where we draw the line with “too much” truth. Excellent work here!

Life Stories: Can we handle the truth?