Alterations of the stories in adaptations

Media is always being adapted into other forms. Books to movies, movies to games, games to movies, and a plethora of other combinations. When this adaptation occurs, those who have seen the previous media go into the new form with a preconceived set of expectations, and a past knowledge of the storyline which is not always what is given in the second form of media. Take Guardians of the Galaxy 2, for example, and the multitude of changes noted around the internet that occurred to the aesthetic of the movie, as well as the story. Or the recent ending of Game of Thrones, where the last few seasons were completed before the book series, leaving a big grey area as to whether or not the author will follow the storyline of the show or take the novel in a wholly different direction. Are these changes within the adaptation good? Are they necessary? As well, for those who have seen the previous medium does this change provide a new experience to the original?

  • Another great example is Full Metal Alchemist and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. FMA was completed before the manga series and completely re-animated once it was done. Unlike Game of Thrones this example is much more positive, and I personally enjoy the take the first series did on the physics of the universe because it IS entirely separate. Is knowing what the author intends to do or not a good or bad thing? Does it lead way too much to catering and plot armor? – Slaidey 5 years ago

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