Animal Symbolism in Life is Strange

The use of various different animals in the episodic video game "Life is Strange" span from spirit animals to breeds of dogs assigned to people who buy drugs from Frank to even scientific theories (ie the Butterfly effect). There is a wide selection of animals to choose from, but the five with the most subject matter on would probably be: the deer, butterflies, dogs, whales and birds (specifically, the blue jay).

Discuss the meanings and connotations certain animals have in "Life is Strange" and perhaps which human they can be assigned with.

Does Frank’s buyers list accurately reflect who he has assigned to a certain breed? Is there any significant meaning to the list at all?

What do the various appearances of the butterfly represent? Does it always show up when the Butterfly Effect in practice?

  • Max points out that the deer is specifically a doe and it seems to be connected directly to her. What is their relation? – LaRose 8 years ago

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