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    Writing in Music: The Shift from Rock to Hip-Hop

    Many classic rock songs were written poetically and had a message or story behind them. Now the element of strong writing behind music has shifted away from rock and towards hip-hop. An example could be juxtaposing Bohemian Rhapsody to Beyonce’s Formation, or a politically charged song about the Vietnam War to one of Kanye West’s songs. Analyze this shift and how the music scene has evolved as well as the poetic value of some of these songs.

    • I would also include a discussion of Kendrick Lamar and the underground hip-hop and rap musicians that have been creating complex and poetic songs for years. Some artists like Mos Def and Talib Kweli have been killin it since the late 90s. – Jonathan Judd 7 years ago

    What Should Happen To Captured Super Villains?

    A major problem with super villains is that after they are defeated and captured they break out of jail to reek havoc again. So what should happen to these trouble makers? Take a look at how different comics deal with this problem and the frustrations and morality struggles heroes face from it. For example, in one of the Crisis on Two Earths stories Superman performs lobotomies on villains to stop them but it is seen as immoral action. In many cases heroes are tempted to kill villains to stop their terror once and for all.

    • How the method used to deal with villains is a reflection of how society does/should/shouldn't deal with criminals should also be taken into account. Media doesn't exist in a vacuum. – Amanda 8 years ago
    • This is a fantastic topic! I think the moral aspect is the most important in this discussion, and should be the focus. Make sure to consider super villains that also have the ability to do good/have some form of a moral stand. I look forward to reading this! – LilyaRider 8 years ago
    • I don't know – Zyana Hault 8 years ago
    • Definitely look at DC's Arkham Asylum and Marvel's "The Vault" as examples of "super-max prisons" and how they do (or don't) work in the context of the greater comic universe. – Tarben 8 years ago

    The Use of Downloadable Content in Video Games

    There has been some controversy about how video game companies will make the players pay extra for content in a game. DLCs (downloadable content) are good because the company can add more to a game after it comes out. Sometimes it is a fair amount of extra content and it’s more reasonable to buy it, like in Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC where the player gets a huge bundle of extra features to interact with which results in a lot more game time. In other cases the companies take away parts of the game that were in previous versions and charges the player extra for it, like characters in Super Smash bros. 4. There is also less content to be earned or unlocked in some games because it is turned into DLC.
    How is this making an impact on the way games are made?
    How is the video game audience reacting?
    What companies are using DLCs wrong/right?
    What could these companies do to be more fair to the players?
    How is the way DLCs are used evolving?

    • Is how DLC is being released (at the same time) now affecting games' longevity? DLC used to come out months after the game release, once designers had time to improve the game thanks to profits from the original sale. It kept things fresh and gave players a reason to come back to a game long after completion. – Slaidey 9 years ago

    The Evolution of the Pokemon TV Series

    Take a look at the Pokemon television series and note how its fundamentals and style has changed throughout the years and seasons. How is the formula for each episode different? How have the type of characters changed? Why might have of these changes occurred? What do these changes reflect?


      Hero Or Executioner?

      Many comic books deal with whether or not a hero should kill someone if they feel they have to. Villains always break out of jail and hurt people, so at what point should they be executed? Some heros, like the Hulk, can’t control themselves and often leave a path of destruction, should they be gotten rid of? Discuss how some of these scenarios played out and what killing means to different heros. Comics that explore this are Batman Hush, Justice League Crisis on Two Earths, Injustice, Marvel’s Civil War, and Watchmen.

      • Love the idea! Might be worthwhile comparing the way the ethics of heroes killing villains in comics is represented, against the representation of that struggle in films and television, and why there might be differences. Daredevil seems like a good example given the entire second season is about the opposition between Daredevil and the Punisher's ideologies of life and death. – Zujaja K 8 years ago
      • this could even be brought into the age of ultron and what it meant to ultron to kill, he did not want to kill just because there was a reason behind it. he wanted to essentially make the world a better place, but some people got in the way of that. very very good topic! – scole 8 years ago

      Should Superheros have a Leash?

      Analyse major story archs in different superhero universes and how they handle the theme of should superheros be regulated. Explore ideas of ethics, morals, politics, and social politics. Some examples of comics that do this are Marvel’s Civil War, DC’s Kingdom Come, Watchmen, and more.

      • How about including X-Men? – Munjeera 8 years ago
      • Powers by Bendis would also be useful to look at. – TheReelFolkBlues 8 years ago
      • This is potentially a huge author might want to pick one universe and analyze from there...or do one veeeeery broad article. Either way, I would be fascinated to see what s/he comes up with! Superhero universes always have one foot in real life. – sophiacatherine 8 years ago
      • this would be a very cool topic to counter compare to DC, since the idea of 'regulation' comes from Civil War and that idea, it would be cool to apply it to DC and see how it would work in an alternate universe. – scole 8 years ago
      • It was discussed in DC: Golden Age as well as New Frontier that the "mystery men" of the golden age of DC comics were forced out by a form of McCarthyism and it would be interesting to explore that impact as well. – gjkalmek 8 years ago
      • Have you read that comic book titled "The Boys"? They also made a TV show. Season 3 just finished. – T. Palomino 2 years ago

      Ubisoft's UPlay: The Game It's Trying To Play

      Ubisoft has it’s own gaming platform for computer gaming called UPlay. In order to play Ubisoft’s games this software is required. Take a look at what Ubisoft is trying to do with this and whether or not it’s doing well. Compare it to other software like steam. Is Ubisoft on to something or is it just a pain for players?


        The Nostalgia Effect: The Rise Of A Loyal Fanbase

        Take a look at popular shows that many people consider as "part of their childhood". Which ones were actually good? Which ones weren’t that great but appealed to people when they were children so it’s largely defended anyways? How does this affect the television industry?

        • Nice topic. Could you give some specific examples of shows people consider part of their childhood? – Munjeera 8 years ago
        • I see a lot of hype about shows like the Dragon Ball series, Power Rangers, and Pokemon. – LaRose 8 years ago
        • Note some of the sub-cultures that have been created because of certain childhood shows and how that affects nostalgic attachment. – tylerbloom 8 years ago
        • Note some of the sub-cultures that have been created because of certain childhood shows and how that affects nostalgic attachment. – tylerbloom 8 years ago

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