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The Use of Downloadable Content in Video Games

There has been some controversy about how video game companies will make the players pay extra for content in a game. DLCs (downloadable content) are good because the company can add more to a game after it comes out. Sometimes it is a fair amount of extra content and it’s more reasonable to buy it, like in Skyrim’s Dragonborn DLC where the player gets a huge bundle of extra features to interact with which results in a lot more game time. In other cases the companies take away parts of the game that were in previous versions and charges the player extra for it, like characters in Super Smash bros. 4. There is also less content to be earned or unlocked in some games because it is turned into DLC.
How is this making an impact on the way games are made?
How is the video game audience reacting?
What companies are using DLCs wrong/right?
What could these companies do to be more fair to the players?
How is the way DLCs are used evolving?

  • Is how DLC is being released (at the same time) now affecting games' longevity? DLC used to come out months after the game release, once designers had time to improve the game thanks to profits from the original sale. It kept things fresh and gave players a reason to come back to a game long after completion. – Slaidey 8 years ago