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    How a Husband Helped and Hindered Jo March's Development as a Woman in Little Women (2020)

    Analysing Jo March’s character development in the movie Little Women (or the book) and how her beliefs about women changed through falling in love with a man. Contrasting her initial beliefs that women should not have to be married for society, and should be allowed to work for themselves even if married, Jo’s ideas change when she discovers loneliness and love. How does meeting her husband alter her overarching beliefs?

    • This is an interesting one, I'd suggest looking into Louisa May Alcott's story as a woman author herself during that time to better understand why Jo ends up with a man in the end in the first place. I think Jo marrying in the end might say more about the time period and the obstacles women faced than it does about her actual character. There's a pithy little scene in the movie where we see Jo debate the romantic fate of her heroine with her publisher which might help. – MaeveM 4 years ago
    • APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE! I'm doing an article featuring Little Women right now (totally different topic and angle, don't worry). And can I just say, it's about time we discussed this? – Stephanie M. 4 years ago
    • I love how Jo's beliefs are although altered, not contradicted once she discovers these things throughout the course of the film. Everything she stands for about women independence, empowerment, and values remain firm as her story develops into love interest. – connorjbrennan 4 years ago

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    A fantastic analysis of Rilke and his poetry. It was interesting to read how you interpret travelling as not always having to go to a different country, but just challenging yourself and presenting yourself with ideas different than your own is travel as well. Overall a very thought-provoking take, for sure.

    The Relationship between Travel and Creative Writing

    A truly great article, and opinion. I 100% agree with you in that often books are banned due to there being an uncomfortable topic that authorities wish their citizens not to divulge. I think this is because governments or authorities in general are afraid of what these ideas might cause, or how their citizens react to these ideas. However, I think it is very important to realize the difference between uncomfortable and necessary. For example, in 13 Reasons Why, like you mentioned, the issue of suicide is uncomfortable, but it was necessary to shed light on the reality of many teens’ lives.

    Why Books Shouldn't Be Banned

    I agree with you in that often feminist narratives are overshadowed by filmmakers not “caring” about the truth underlying feminist issues; however, recently I watched a movie called Little Women, which was an extraordinary look into the life of a young woman who wishes to become an independent writer, rather than get married. It offered a fantastic insight into how women often were not allowed to be independent and hold jobs if they were married, and I feel that this film overall really took a realist view on feminist issues still prevalent today. So, while I agree that sometimes a feminist movie (like say Wonder Woman) has good intentions, often the narrative is overshadowed by filmmakers. For example, in the recent Wonder Woman movie, she was very sexualized and the filmmakers had her sidekick be a man who she falls in love with. This, in my opinion, are aspects that overshadowed the true feminist message of the movie.

    The Paradox of the Strong Female Character