Anna Williams

Anna Williams

Illustration graduate. I enjoy creative writing, reading classic Literature,watching Film/TV and anything to do with the Arts.

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Anna Williams

Very interesting article.

I’m not sure if in America they do this but in England we are constantly bombarded with hair ads/commercials staring pretty women celebrities. Usually advertising a box of £5 hair dye which of course these A Listers used on their hair /sarcasm. That reminds me of your point about Covergirl using female celebs to promote products (which they evidently have never used).

I think it is good to use ‘real women’ in adverts but advertisers/marketers are obsessed with selling ‘the dream’ – ya know their thinking is ‘if you use this product you’ll look as great as this model!’. Not everyone is taken in by this, but a lot are unfortunately – sad but true.

4 Major Ad Campaigns That Have the Wrong Idea of Marketing to Women
Anna Williams

In my experience sometimes with games after trying and trying to complete a hard level I don’t ‘officially’ give up but put the disc on my shelf and say ‘I will complete it another day’.
Usually I see this disc a few days later and am reminded how it got me all irritated so I think ‘it’s not worth it’- so a fair few uncompleted games take residence on my shelf – unfortunately!

Relative Difficulty: The Line Between Challenging and Frustrating
Anna Williams

Apologies for the double post
Imo La Roux couldn’t be considered as a one hit wonder because ‘In for the Kill’ was always played on the radio here in the U.K when it first came out. I must have heard that song more often than ‘Bulletproof’ so to me they couldn’t be classed as a ONE hit wonder.
Anyways this is an interesting article.

One-Hit Wonders in the New Decade
Anna Williams

I was thinking at one point to try and include pictures but it was mostly difficult to pinpoint action scenes clearly to highlight a whole series of small motions in time (concerning my choices anyway).
Stills from action films didn’t really capture the whole scene I felt, so I’ve let users read/use their imagination which is always a good thing imo 🙂

The Most Overused Scenes in Action Movies
Anna Williams

53% from RT is a bit harsh I think, I quite enjoyed the film. And yes kudos to the filmakers for going through with Gwens death, I agree it made it much more interesting than the usual Hollywood ending.

5 Things That Redeem "The Amazing Spider-Man 2"
Anna Williams

I’m not sure if my laptop will have space for Sims 4 but if it does then I probably will buy it. Depends how pricey it is too.

I hope that the loading screens won’t take too long this time around, I’ve often read parts of a book in real life whilst waiting for my fav household to load (in Sims 3) 😛

Anticipating The Sims 4: Things to Get Excited About
Anna Williams

Yes the Food fight episode was good too, what’s that rule they said? ‘ tattle tale go to jail, stick your head in a garbage pail’ haha.

If there’s a way you can check out the other episodes then I recommend doing so 🙂

Top 10 Episodes of the Nostalgic Disney Children's Show 'Recess'
Anna Williams

Thanks, glad you enjoyed the article.

Top 10 Episodes of the Nostalgic Disney Children's Show 'Recess'