My writing style is something to get use to but I enjoy informing people about different aspects of life and cultures.

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    NASA and Don't Look Up

    Analyse Don’t Look Up that came out this past year. In what terms is it showing the truth and/or exaggerating. With the NASA scientist being arrested and the implications on climate change, there is the connection that we are destroying ourselves. How does this connection make us think more about the impact we have on our lives? Or why is it so hard to take action to basically save us?

    • Going on from here to discuss human psychology in situations like this would be really important. The investigation could start on a personal level and end on a collective level. Let's start with some hypothetical questions: why is it possible to intentionally heart oneself? Is it simply a matter of ignorance? Where one knows, is it then a matter of lack of faith? Is it a lack of emotional impulses? Why is it possible to know and believe in self-hearting yet not act on it? How does a personal activity become a community-wide behavior after this? Etc... – Samer Darwich 2 years ago

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    Writing is nothing short of difficult. As writers, we can not take ourselves out of our works. That includes; implicate biases, preferred types, and imagination.
    This piece brings to light the differences between writers and how we take into account the gender of those writing. Since women writers especially in the early ages were silenced, we have sparse collections.
    I feel that putting these gendered types in how we analyze writing makes it increasingly difficult to change how we write.
    Writing is writing.

    I did really enjoy this article, it made me think about how I view characters and authors in what I read.

    Men Written by Women: Dreamboats or Brutes?

    Mulan gave way for many children to feel better about not having to fit into stereotypes. In a course I took at school I was able to look at the original legend and how it changed over time. The theme is always the same she goes to war for years in place of her father (or brother depending on the telling), but there are differences that reflect the changes in culture and ideals. Overall Mulan is what in my terms I consider a heroine, because of her resilience through difficult times. The Disney version is a good combination of the versions.

    Not only did she express her filial piety but by breaking the stereotypes, there was a break in the distressed princess that needed to be saved.

    Mulan's Relatability, Self-Discovery, and Selfishness

    As someone who grew up watching Dragon Ball, the impact it had on me was huge. Now that I study Japanese and Japan as a whole, it furthers my comprehension of the series and franchise. The puns in the show are probably my favorite part being that I can understand the different contexts now, but reading this article was enjoyable and brought back many memories of the show.

    Dragon Ball: Why is it Still Endearing to People Everywhere?