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    The Trends in Indie Gaming

    Describe common aesthetic or thematical trends in indie gaming and analyze what, if any, differences exist between them and studio titles, and why.

    • The most major trend I've noticed in indie gaming nowadays (based on what I've seen for handhelds or on the Steam store) is a desire to return to NES-style graphics and gameplay. Storyline and character development are often taking a backseat to this, while major studio games seem to be taking the opposite direction and focusing a lot more on character and evolving realistic graphics. I'm not sure what the reason for the return to the NES style is but I can guess it stems from nostalgia which indie designers are capitalizing on greatly. – Grace 9 years ago
    • I have observed (from an albeit small sample of games) that indie gaming titles allow the creators to be more flexible and have more control over their game. Titles like "Ori and the Blind Forest" are able to explore unique art styles, and games like "Magicka" allow a familiar dungeon-crawler experience with a hilarious humour twist. I think there are certain expectations that gamers have developed for the major studios but not for indie developers. – yuany4 9 years ago

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    One of my favourite aspects of King of the Hill is that, at times, I can’t quite tell if its entirely a satire of small c-conservative sensibilities, a strange sort of celebration of them, or a odd combination of both.

    King of The Hill: Mockery of Values

    I wonder if there are any reasons for the re-emergence of Lovecraftian horror?

    The Resurgence of Lovecraftian Themes in Video Games

    Great article. I’m planning on writing a directed studies paper using Paranoia Agent as a case study to examine Jean Baudrillard and Slavoj Zizek’s critiques of modern-day technological society and it was great seeing such a well cited article. This helped a lot! Thanks.

    Satoshi Kon's Otaku: The Dangers of Technological Fantasy

    Really nice article! I’m wondering what this implies about the current Japanese worldview. Unlike Nietzsche, who seemed to think of the ubermensch in terms of moral development, or the Nazis, who thought in racial terms, both of these works (fitting in with the modern day image of Japan) seem to focus on technological or scientific advancements being key to this evolution of humanity.

    Akira, Metropolis, and the Quest for the √úbermensch in Postmodern Japanese Animation