Elaina Chastain

Elaina Chastain

elaina \ ee-lay-nah \ noun : a 21-year-old, semi self-sufficient sweet-tea-drinking art student from the midwest.

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Elaina Chastain

Hey Artifice World! Just wanted to leave some insight on here. I wrote this article as a senior in high school (nearly 7 years ago) and ended up republishing it in 2014 without actually fact-checking everything.

I appreciate the comments, both negative and positive; as a writer today, I strive to make sure that what I am writing is accurate, and looking back on previous writing materials absolutely helps me grow.

Thanks all!

A β€œBeat” Generation: Influence and Knowledge from the Masters
Elaina Chastain

Great topic to explore. We’ve all had those theories that about certain shows or movies that literally NO ONE agrees with. I think that as long as your theory satisfies you, then who cares what others think πŸ˜› Great work!

The Relevance of Fan Theories: Interpretations vs. Intentions
Elaina Chastain

I loved this show so, so much for the depth and analysis of each character, especially Walt. You can certainly see when he shifts from “good” to “bad” and what elements probed his descent. Great article!

The Moral Conundrum of 'Breaking Bad': Fate or Fortune?
Elaina Chastain

Great list (as well as great ordering of the list, I definitely agree with each of Hoffman’s film placements). Such a sad thing to see a talent like him go so early, we’re super fortunate that he gave us so many excellent performances! He certainly won’t be forgotten. Good work!

10 Greatest Philip Seymour Hoffman Performances
Elaina Chastain

Good analysis! I’ve never considered looking at women who have Peter Pan syndrome. You make some very good points! A male refusing to grow up is hilarious and attractive, yet a woman not wanting to be an adult is sad and irresponsible. Shows that we still have some work to do, huh? πŸ™‚

Where are the Grownups?: The Female Peter Pan Syndrome in Film
Elaina Chastain

Thanks a ton πŸ™‚

New Girl Tackles Materialism and Promotes Censorship
Elaina Chastain

I’m not one for violence or gore in most cases because of how fake each of these feel in films and tv nowadays. HOWEVER, after watching one episode of Hannibal, I was totally and completely hooked. Why? Because of that gore element. It’s so realistic and grotesque, but that makes the show addicting to watch. You’re constantly tuning in to see if the next episode could possibly be more gorey than the last. Great article!

In Defense of Hannibal and Its Use of Gore
Elaina Chastain

This film is a classic. I could literally watch it over and over and over. Hilarity mixed with culture and wisdom that makes your heart leap and weep at the same time. Great analysis!

Exploring Trends of 1990s Cinema Through the Lens of Forrest Gump