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    The Emergence of Horror Games

    Why are horror games such as Until Dawn becoming so popular? How have they changed from indie pc horror games? Why are we so fascinated by them now?

    • This subject will likely need to explore the history of horror games, and even a little of horror stories and films, in order to answer why the genre has grown in video-game form. I also think it's clear that a big turning point was the premiere of "Amnesia: The Dark Descent." But there are surely other games that helped build up the credibility of the genre, at least as far as "good horror" goes. There's still plenty of weak, "jump-scare" ridden horror out there, as there has been for years. – Jonathan Leiter 9 years ago
    • Time of the year has a big influence. It's nearly Halloween. – Ylatten 9 years ago
    • I think the fascination of being scared excites a lot of people, and recently viewers have turned to more immersive types of media instead of just watching a movie. Plus the the explosion of "let's plays" on YouTube has added to this excitement because viewers love seeing their favorite commentator get the sh*t scared out of them. – AustinDrozin 9 years ago
    • I think people are becoming more intrigued by the graphics and stories of games. I also agree with what Ylatten said, halloween is right around the corner. But that only comes with Until Dawn. My main point would be people are becoming more and more interested in stories. Until Dawn is hardly a game in my point. Most of the time you are watching videos and just choosing how the story will play out. As virtual reality headsets start becoming more popular, so will Horror Games. – Chris R. 9 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    I haven’t explored the yuri genre much at all, and honestly I haven’t found much besides the more pornographic manga and anime. I will also admit that my first thought when hearing “yuri” is still lesbian porn, since there’s been nothing saying anything different. I wondered what the term was for non-pornographic lesbian tales, and I’m glad I now know the genre. There hasn’t been much for me to find in the American Midwest besides porn, and all the descriptions sound scandalous. I did notice an all-girls high school theme, though. I want to look into more manga and anime, and I’m very glad you gave some titles of good ones. This was an interesting read, and I’m excited to learn more about it!

    Yuri: An Indepth Look at Women in Love

    I grew up with Harry Potter. The first book came out just three years after I was born and I remember waiting for the books and each movie to release. I went to every midnight movie release and loved his world so much (and still do). This is a beautiful piece, and I realize that I must read the series again so I can find all the connections for myself now that I am older. I always have mixed feelings about the epilogue. I couldn’t explain why, until I read one tumblr post about how it feels unrealistic. “All is well” indeed, but where I’m at in life it’s hard to imagine being there with Harry, financially stable and sending kids to school (oh how I wish I could send them to Hogwarts). It is a peaceful ending, though, and it feels right, so I can’t be too upset. I always enjoy reading about Harry and I thoroughly enjoyed your article.

    Why Harry Potter Appeals to Adults as Well as Younger Audiences

    I haven’t been able to actually watch the series yet, though it is definitely on my list, so I’m afraid I carefully skimmed your article because I do not like spoilers. I did, however, like your article. I can say I’m more intrigued now than I was before, since I only really heard about the fanservice bits. I like that you present this in a way that proves that anime is not just for fanservice, because so many people outside of the fandom think that’s all anime is. As an anime fan, I can watch a show with nudity and barely be fazed because it’s only a joke. I’m glad I’m not the only one trying to present anime in this way.

    Shokugeki no Soma: Why You Should Watch for the Food and not the Nudity