social commentator / deconstructing popular culture and theology / gender and race topics are my life blood / feedback encouraged and welcomed

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    Political power in GOT and House of Cards

    I would like to see an article written about the different ways that political power is wielded. Foucault understands all citizens as complicity in state power (in a democracy), since one individual has a sovereign rule over us and governs our liberty, however en mass the public hold tremendous amounts of power during elections. Recent political history in Australia shows the power of public opinion polls, as leaders there have been usurped by party members due to their failing public credibility. But power also requires tenacious maintenance in a political scope Francis Underwood from House of cards illustrates the amount of time and effort he has to appease and blackmail other members of congress to retain his position. This involves calling the bluff of many different international and domestic threats to his reign. Lord Baelish from game of thrones also shows how a character with little credentials can hold great amounts of power by dancing between leaders of different kingdoms. There could also be a discussion about the gender intersection of power in both these shows as Claire Underwood and Cersei Lannister are both excellent case studies. 

    • I like this topic...I wonder who you would direct this to?The average Joe who doesn't understand politics would probably benefit from a comparison like this, because they might understand the analogies from these TV shows?Also the gender power side topic is great...Cersei needs someone to acknowledge all the hard work she does in maintaining her status! :) – AbbyMay 1 month ago
    • I'd definitely be interested in reading this! Might be worth honing in on a particular season of each show to get a focussed analysis going. I think Claire v Cersei would be an excellent comparison! – Zujaja 2 weeks ago

    Questioning the validity of Lena Dunham's opinion through 'Girls'

    Following a Nietzschean line of philosophy: one must be deeply engaged in the world on an experiential level to obtain a respected opinion. Struggle is imperative in this process as it develops our own inner identity; through battling against a thing that we hate we become more akin to the things we love. Here I pose the question: is Girls a TV series we should take seriously on issues like gender oppression, sexual assault and racial division? Has the creator Lena Dunham been through enough social struggle to speak for groups that experience daily marginalisation, when she herself may not typically be considered marginalised?

    • What defines the validity of an opinion? I understand that you're using philosophy, but I've always felt an aversion towards having to legitimize one's own take and opinion on certain subjects. Case in point: comments that begin with "as a __," not in an assertion of authority, but in a fear of one's thoughts being invalidated. Who is 'we,' why must 'we' be a hive mind? Can certain people take it seriously, while others won't? Can we stop policing others' opinions n what is and isn't worthy of serious attention? Why is there a bar for 'enough struggle to be taken seriously'? – m-cubed 3 months ago
    • Given the show's popularity its reasonable to assume that it speaks to a lot of individuals on a close level. Therefore it is informing broader discourse, which is a legitimate standpoint to question the validity of the central opinion as it could be perpetuating more divisions. The show is heavily criticised for its lack of racial depiction and adds to another long, long list of sitcoms that fall into that box. If there aren't standards of struggle for people in power there will be no mechanism of change, the same views will be presented which perpetuates a disparity in our social order. – Iliasbakalla 3 months ago
    • Again to dispute the commedeia della arte of America, not every fat chick is smarter than you are. – Antonius865 3 weeks ago

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    wow you’re clearly put an incredible amount of thought and effort into deciphering all the hidden links between objects. You’re a very keen observer and for that I commend you.

    Objects in Breaking Bad: If Things Could Talk

    Absolutely fascinating read, great use of youtube links to add a visual element to your text.
    I learnt last year that Bollywood films have been hugely influential in developing the Nigerian film industry. A very surprising connection at first but Bollywood speaks to a Nigerian market more than Hollywood.
    Both cultures are former commonwealth nations and have and anxiety towards the english language as it is symbolic of upperclass citizenship. There is also a growing rift between love marriages and arranged marriages in younger generations. Bollywood films address both these issues whilst Hollywood doesn’t.

    Bollywood 101: A FUN Guide to Indian Cinema

    this is an interesting article, I’m a way way off having kids but its food for thought none the less
    I guess my query is how do you negate that balance between pressures from external structures and trusting your child to create their own pressures. I’m still a believer of all play and no work is a difficult way to grow up

    Free Play: The Social, Cognitive & Emotional Pay Offs of Allowing Whimsicality

    very perceptive, an interesting read for sure

    Feminism and Disney: They're Not As Different As You Might Think

    this is a great little article, short and sweet, straight to the point. I’m about to embark on a month long trip and was in need of reading inspiration, thankfully i have plenty of options now.

    Essential Books for Writers

    really interesting article I love the connections you’ve made between seperate eras. Seeking back through time like a literary detective to discover the various art works that have lead to the biggest counter-cultural movement in the 20th century. Great work!

    Coleridge, The Hippie: Romanticism and The Counter Culture