Katy Lewis

MA Professional Writing Graduate ~ Cornwall based ~ My interests lie within literature, film and travel.

Junior Contributor III

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    Latest Comments

    It is very cleverly crafted! Have you ever seen the stage performance?

    Hamlet: Examining Love and Destruction

    Thank you for your comment! Really?! That’s a very interesting point!

    Which of Shakespeare’s plays to you enjoy? 🙂

    Hamlet: Examining Love and Destruction

    It is such a fantastic piece!!

    Hamlet: Examining Love and Destruction

    Its supposed to look at how ballet was viewed in the past, how dance practitioners have altered the face of ballet by combining it with contemporary techniques, how ballet is being viewed in the present time and the current issues linked with how the public perceive it. So yes, I suppose it is a collage of sorts…

    Ballet as a Progressive Art: Expectations and Perceptions

    I’m a dancer myself, so seeing other people writing about it in such an awesome context is really cool! I love that you have combined dance and the screen together, it was something I looked at while at University. I hope you will write more articles like this!

    Dancing in Orange is the New Black

    This is a fantastic article! I love dystopia future novels as they encourage us to think of future possibilities, it’s so thought provoking! Have you by chance read Battle Royale? Very similar theme to The Hunger Games, but focuses more on a totalitarian universe, and far darker in brutality but anexcellent read just the same!

    The Rising Popularity of Dystopian Literature

    Thank you so much, I’m glad you liked it! Your perception about silent dance is really fascinating, I never used to like mixing genres but since being at university, the abstract stuff kind of rubbed off on me a bit! Also I’m obsessed with reading and thought i’d write about my two favourite things. Once again I really appreciate the feedback!

    Exploring the use of Speech or Text in Dance Performance

    Wow! I feel really honored! Thank you!

    Exploring the use of Speech or Text in Dance Performance