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    The Representation of Art in "The Sculptor"

    Scott McCloud’s graphic novel "The Sculptor" gained recognition for its art and plot. "It was the best graphic novel I’ve read in years" were Neil Gaiman’s words to describe how much it is a good read. The events pivot around the protagonist David Smith who was granted the power to turn anything he imagines into reality through sculpture. That was, however, only made possible when Death manifested itself in the form of his uncle Harry to tell him that he will, in return, have just 200 days to live. As the comic book was published in 2015, it could be assumed that it questions the position of art in modern society. Considering the capitalist lifestyle in the American society, McCloud seeks to criticize how art cannot always be treated as a business and that we should not forget its primary purpose.


      Creativity in Junji Ito's Manga

      The art and storytelling in Junji Ito’s manga are very original in a peculiar sense. As a researcher interested in the concept of creativity and a fan of Junji Ito, I would be delighted to read an article about what makes Ito’s works creative.


        Would The Implementation of Gender Bender Manga in Education Solve Gender Issues?

        You would have probably noticed that the category "gender bender" is found in manga. They tend to feature characters as cross-dressers or transgenders, which has driven many readers of manga to be open to the idea of gender transformation. If such type of manga gets implemented in education, the coming generation would probably develop attitudes of acceptance and even appreciation toward individuals who identify with different sexual identities. What are your views concerning this matter that is drawing the attention of many nowadays? And how can gender bender manga be included in education?

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          Angel Beats is clearly about Death. The characters have memories of how they died and managed to reincarnate in the end. But since this is a matter of interpretation, what do you think it may be about?

          Exploring The Theme of Death in Anime

          The story of Rakka also hit me hard when I found out she committed suicide. That is another significant event to show how sins can be repented if you turn your darkness into light.

          Exploring The Theme of Death in Anime

          I like your article because it is rare to find topics related to villains in anime. I have been wanting to watch Noein and Princess Tutu.

          Thought-Provoking Anime Villains You Might Not Have Heard Of

          I believe the depiction of mental illness in anime and manga has raised awareness among its audience. I am interested in psychology topics, particularly mental illness and that allowed me to wholeheartedly enjoy your article. Great topic! well done.

          Mental Illness in Anime and Manga

          I absolutely approve of this list!

          Best Anime of the 2000s

          I liked this article a lot because it speaks out the reality of the deep impact childhood death can have on both the dead and the living. I am currently writing an article about the concept of death in general and I found this article truly amazing.

          Anime and its Commentary on Childhood Death

          I believe the audience can know a lot about Hideaki Anno through Evangelion. The existential crises, depression, loneliness, the struggles of human relationships all reflect the disturbed mind of Anno. I also think he succeeded in making a lot of people understand his views about human existence and relationships.

          Otaku as Artist: Hideaki Anno and Neon Genesis Evangelion

          I am really glad that this article got published! Akira is definitely one of the best anime movies, along with Hadashi No Gen, that portrayed the trauma of the atomic bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

          Akira: An Analysis of the A-Bomb and Japanese Animation