Nicholas Devin

Nicholas Devin

Studying Creative and Professional Writing as well as Information Technology. I have a major passion for film, TV, music and video games.

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Nicholas Devin

For me Gotye doesn’t belong on this list. As an Australian, he is relatively big here and his songs have been on the air here before Somebody That I Used To Know and continue to be on after that. No doubt when he releases his next album they will continue to be played.
Songs like Friday and Gangnam Style really do belong here because they define the one hit wonder.
Think about the songs from the 80s that are truly one hit wonders. I don’t think many of these songs capture the essence of that.
Although it was written well, you could have easily added more in there to flesh out the list.

One-Hit Wonders in the New Decade
Nicholas Devin

I watched Blackfish after reading this article. Good choice for the list and a great documentary too.

Five of the Most Influential Sociopolitical Documentaries of the Past Five Years
Why Boys Should Watch 'Girls'
Nicholas Devin

I disagree with your point that few male viewers can identify with the male characters. I’d like to think I proved why males can relate to the characters. To me, they have developed the atypical male and the modern male in an interesting way, which stays true for men to relate to.

Why Boys Should Watch 'Girls'
Nicholas Devin

Interesting point.
But my focus wasn’t on the women in the show. I can’t relate to them. If I could, I would have included that in the article.

Why Boys Should Watch 'Girls'
Nicholas Devin

This was a very smartly written article with well constructed humour.
Good job.

7 Reasons Why We'll Always Love Friends
Nicholas Devin

I am a huge fan of Boardwalk Empire, and I have found the pacing for this season to be very slow compared to other seasons. After this episode I reckon the series will start to pick up. Losing Eddie was actually more emotional than I thought it would be after the characterisation they did with him in this particular series.

Boardwalk Empire: Erlkönig – April Fools
Nicholas Devin

I really enjoyed this article. Great addition with Raoul Duke.

Top 10 Film Duos: Films to See Before Kick-Ass 2