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    Symbolism in television Programs such as True Blood

    True Blood is a television show that uses mythical characters as symbols for both past and present events. One of these that stands out to me is when the Vampires are given the right to marry, this would be a symbol of Homosexuals being given the right to marry one another. Another one is that the Vampire’s curfew has been lifted and in many countries (such as Australia) the indigenous had to fight to get the same curfew as everyone else. In one episode you see a burning cross and the in the opening credits you see a boy with what looks like a KKK costume on which as both strong representation of the KKK.The thing that has made people tune into the show week after week is the mythical creatures and the story lines that are being used to demonstrate these symbols.

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      Hi Vchelle
      I do believe that there is life out there in our vast universe of ours, there may not be life form on Mars as we understand life but there could be another life system. I also believe that our universe is too vast for their not to be life out there somewhere maybe not in our solar system but in another far off galaxy.

      The Death of a Purposeful Man

      What is right? & What is wrong? are two things that have been conditioned into us and is mainly based on three things 1) The beliefs of our families, 2) Our religious beliefs and 3) The belief system in our country. We also are a part of a country that says that Murder is wrong and yet we send our Armed forces into mortal combat where murder is a part of daily lives for them, so if we are being told what is right and wrong by so many different people but we have people such as the Armed forces who are risking their own lives and other people’s lives how can we really know what is right and wrong. A quick note to all the people who may either have a loved one in the Armed Forces, Are a part of the Armed Forces or Have been involved in the Armed Forces I do thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping Australia safe and for risking your lives so that we can all sleep soundly at night.

      The Death of a Purposeful Man

      Many television programs such as Star Trek, Charmed and True Blood have many symbolic meanings in them. We watch these television programs that have been created in the under the veil of fiction but instead of writing fiction the writers and directors are trying to decipher the world around them and what has happened, what is happening and what they perceive will happen in the world around them. In my opinion there are three main reasons that the veil of fiction has been added to these stories: 1) To get people to watch the television show in the first place, 2) So they do not offend any who may have witnessed or been involved in a similar thing and 3) So that they can add an interesting plot line around the hard cold facts.

      "Balance of Terror": Star Trek, History, and National Security

      I am a Science Fiction lover and do believe in Parallel Universes and Alternate Realities. Science Fiction stories are stories that tell an unknown truth about our world that many people are afraid of and others just do not believe in. If many of the Science Fiction Authors came out and said that these were known events then they would be criticized as being mentally insane so they cover their stories in a sheet of fiction. We also now discovering many of the Science Fiction stories are true. We live in our world but in other parallel worlds and Alternate Worlds, there are mystical creatures living that only show themselves when the gateways are open but they will always close again.

      Parallel and Alternate Realities; Fiction Tells us the Difference