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Serial Vs. Episodic Shows

Many serial shows have gained significant success, such as AMC’s Breaking Bad, A&E’s Bates Motel, and HBO’s Game of Thrones. Are serial shows becoming more popular? Is it possible that recording technology, along with the internet, has allowed more networks to take on serial shows? People no longer have to worry if they miss an episode, compared to in the past where a missed episode could mean lost viewers for a serial television series.

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    Latest Comments

    Honestly, I hadn’t really thought about the lack of diversity in this show until I read this article. You make a good point about these people being located in Europe somewhere. I myself noticed that there German names and words were used throughout the show. I never even thought about the religion thing though. Now I kinda wanna go back and re-watch the show with this perspective in mind.

    Attack on Titan: Fan Reception of Religion and Race

    Great article. It gave me a little bit more to think about. I never thought of Norman’s brother possibly having a purpose, or the purpose of any of the other characters for that matter. However, regardless of the other characters, I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the show. I’ll admit I groaned when I heard about it coming out, but was too curious to not watch the premiere. Luckily, the show is much better than I would have initially thought it could be. Now I catch this show every week.

    From “Psycho” to “Bates Motel”: The Evolution of an Iconic Murderer

    As entertaining as reality TV shows can be, many of them aren’t real and perpetuate false ideas about those portrayed in the shows. I think that it would be fine if everyone understood that reality TV isn’t always “real”.But does the target audience, the average person, always understand how to pull fact from fiction? How many individuals take what is displayed in these shows for fact, instead of questioning their authenticity?

    My fear is that some people might not be able to watch these shows through a critical lens and understand that everything displayed may not be the truth.

    Breaking Amish: Are We Learning the Truth?