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    The Time Loop in Groundhog Day (1993)

    Why did Phil Connors experience a time loop and what caused it to end? What do the cause and effect of the time loop say about human nature?

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      (That awkward moment when a lot of people discuss their opinions on the films, rather than on the use of ASL). One thing I believe would be challenging about including sign language is regionalization; much like in spoken English, certain signs are different based on where someone lives. But if it is signed and not written, there is no way of looking up what the word might be. That aside, that’s not to say anything negative toward inclusion. I personally (as a former ASL student) would like to see more signing and Deaf/deaf people in films. I honestly feel as if everyone should learn ASL as a standard.

      Visual Medium, Visual Language: American Sign Language in Film

      This post makes me nostalgic for my introduction into the world of LARPing. I was performing Macbeth in costume with weapons and everything on my high school’s soccer field for my AP Comp class. Some of my friends were chanting, “LARP, LARP, LARP!” so I learned what LARP meant and shortly after, joined my college’s LARP club. It’s nice to know that “geek culture” is expanding and becoming more accepted. I personally was not ostracized or bullied for my love of it, and truthfully, I’ll never understand people’s need to see us as lower than them on the social ladder.

      LARP and Society: Changing Perspectives on 'Geek Culture'

      Honestly, this shouldn’t even be a debate. They’re both good in their own ways and people should just let others have their preferences. Neither is technically 100% “authentic” anyway; both subtitles and dubs are effectively just loose translations. Not to mention a) some things don’t directly translate, and b) cultural differences give the need for differences in wording. As a primarily visual person myself, I prefer subtitles, but I actually like having the English dub playing in tandem as well.

      The Anime Dub Controversy