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    The Cultural Relevance of Dope

    In this article, you should be dissecting the cultural relevant themes that are in the movie "Dope" and rationalize why it may become a classic because it refers to many modern trends.

    • Cool topic, awesome idea to focus on an indie rather than blockbuster. The focus on narrative and stylistic choices may back up your overall argument. Explain how the combination of all three elements could develop a thorough analysis of Dope's cultural and social relevance. – Thomas Munday 9 years ago
    • @Thomas Munday Maybe some day I'll do an analysis on an indie film. I just saw Dope recently and saw some relevant themes in the movie, so I'll just stick to that. But I'll consider the narrative and stylistic choices though. – SoalaIda 9 years ago

    The Three Tiers of Hip Hop

    At the advent of Hip Hop, before the age of the internet, two tiers existed: mainstream and underground. With the age of the internet, I believed that the two tiers have become three. These three tiers are mainstream, sub-mainstream and underground. For examples, Lil Wayne and Kanye West fall under mainstream, Childish Gambino and Macklemore fall under sub-mainstream and Immortal Technique and Cannibal Ox.

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      Latest Comments

      This is a very interesting analysis. This is the type of topic I think about once in a while and then I forget about it. Thanks for reminding me. As for the content, it’s well-researched and organized. Although this is a well-written article, check for spelling errors.

      Superheroes: Are They Really Heroes?

      This is a very interesting analysis. You should analyze more songs and music videos. I never thought about these things when I heard the song.

      Love Me and Duality

      Great article. But I have to disagree with what you said about Vegeta and Gohan. Sure, from the events in the canon series, Vegeta and Gohan could have done more but from a philosophical aspect, they were used perfectly. Vegeta represented pride and his character arc consisted of getting over his pride. This was evident in the Buu saga when he admitted that Goku is better than him. Gohan, on the other hand, represented the pacifist and Gohan’s fight against Cell was a battle to overcome his pacifistic nature for the sake of humanity. After the end of the Cell arc, he continued to be a pacifist and a scholar because that’s who he is although he was supposedly stronger than Goku. I will admit that Saiyaman thing was stupid but don’t you think it’s interesting that Goku is stupid and warrior-like and Gohan is intelligent and pacifistic?

      Top Ten Misused Dragon Ball Characters

      Great article. It has a good format and narrative. Although it does, check for spelling errors and the occasional use of “it is/there is.”
      Initially, I wasn’t interested in the new movie, because of my apathy towards comic book movies, but now you broke down the history of Superman and Batman fighting, now I’m interested. There were only two occasions where they fought and the fact that this new movie would be the third ocassion is very interesting.

      Batman and Superman: Comparing Two Iconic Superheroes