Spencer Lucas

Spencer Lucas

Current film student at University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Huge film nerd, also big on TV, books, music and drawing. Always up for geeking out about such things.

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    Spencer Lucas

    Not as sexual, of course, but Do the Right Thing is set on a very, very hot day, and Spike Lee used the color red to make the audience feel it.

    5 Steamy Movies to Watch on a Hot Summer Day
    Spencer Lucas

    Well it seems that Hollywood is giving films to South Korean filmmakers, but I haven’t seen any of their English-language debuts yet. Del Toro and Cuaron transitioned quite well though.

    Huge Films with Vision: Fingerprints Magnified
    Spencer Lucas

    I also loved Adam Sandler in Funny People, especially since he plays off his own persona so much. There’s a scene when he’s onstage and playing piano and singing in a very Sandler voice, but it’s heartbreaking in context. Also, in terms of less dramatic roles, he’s very endearing in The Wedding Singer. I want more Sandler films like that.

    Good Actors Who Make Bad Movies
    Spencer Lucas

    I’m a huge fan of Lost Highway. Like his other films, great visuals and atmosphere and music, but something about the build of it really got to me. It escalated and escalated, sucking me further and further into its weirdness, but it seems to be divisive.

    The Five Best David Lynch Films
    Spencer Lucas

    I haven’t seen it yet, but I really want to. The sound of him playing a villain in a Tom Cruise action film is delicious

    Why We Need Werner Herzog
    Spencer Lucas

    Don’t hesitate! Dive right in! You’re in for a treat

    Why We Need Werner Herzog
    Spencer Lucas

    I’m in the minority here, but I LOVED TDKR. The more I look back at it, the more apparent its flaws become, such as the many often cited plot holes, but for me they aren’t enough to overpower how much I enjoyed it. I enjoy poking fun at the flaws, but in the end the film hit me so hard I can’t help but adore it. Quality-wise, Nolan’s Batman trilogy seems to follow the original Star Wars trilogy. The first film sets up an exciting world and characters, the second improves upon it by going bigger, deeper, darker and raising the stakes, and the third film is the most flawed but also the most emotional, and ties everything up well.

    Two’s Company but Three’s a Crowd: The Batman and Iron Man Trilogies
    Spencer Lucas

    Remakes, even if unnecessary, can complement an original. I totally agree with you on how Let Me In botched some of the really effective horror scenes from Let the Right One In, but I was more drawn in to the character stuff in Let Me In. Therefore, each film makes up for what the other lacks. Not that there’s much lacking in Oldboy (or LTRIO), but hopefully this will be a similar deal.

    What We Can Expect from Spike Lee's Oldboy Remake