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    How Deadpool and Wolverine is Being Hailed as The

    For quite some time now, there has been a drastic decline in the appreciation of superhero films. Whether it is because of the poor CGI (no blame to the artists), the numerous films and shows pumped out every year, or that most of the films are made on unknown characters, more and more complaints have come out detailing the audience’s distaste. New characters have been introduced with little applause and the universe of the MCU in particular has become a laundry list to keep up with. Every film is interconnected, making for a difficult watch to get through over 25 films and numerous shows to supplement.

    Despite all that, there has been an immense amount of anticipation for the upcoming film "Deadpool and Wolverine". This film has started to be hailed as the savior for the MCU, with many saying Deadpool is going to be the one to bring Marvel back to its "glory days". How did this film come to be this anticipated? Is it the characters? Actors? There are numerous factors at play, making this film at the top of many to-see lists. Whether this will flip the narrative surrounding the MCU and superhero content as a whole is yet to be seen, but there is a lot riding on this film.

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      I’ve never quite understood the appeal of the “bad boy”. The last thing I would want is a tumultuous relationship that is filled with toxicity and instability. I’ve lived that in real life, so why would I want to see it on screen? That being said, a man wearing all black pretending he doesn’t care but only shows a soft spot for the one he loves is a wonderful trope that blends bad boy with a healthier alternative.
      Also, on the note of Damon since I’m seeing him brought up a lot. Yes, he has a tragic backstory, but lets not forget that he non-consensually coerced Caroline to sleep with him, and he’s a lot older than Elena, despite being a vampire. It reads a lot like Edward from Twilight: unhealthy and borderline pedophilic considering their ages. Elena and Bella were in high school, which only adds to the weirdness. Vampire or not, the implications of their relationships become quite questionable when put under a different lens.

      Bad Boys: Dark, Dangerous, Disturbing… and Delicious

      I agree with a lot of these comments. While I don’t necessarily believe Gwen is trans in the movie, I can agree that she can be seen through an LGBTQ+ lens as a symbol for coming out. The entire idea of the Spider-Verse is that anyone can wear a mask, and whether one sees her as trans or not doesn’t diminish from her significance as a Spider-Person or how wonderful she is to watch on screen. Plus, unfortunately with many large companies, they won’t confirm sexualities or gender identities for the fear of losing audience. That is to say: read Gwen how you want!

      Spider-Man: The Trans Advocacy

      The Marvel Ruins comics may not seem like they have a central theme, but at the end of the day, the theme is that sometimes there is no hope. We constantly see stories where there is hope even in the dimmest of circumstances, and this comic line completely flips that idea on its head. It is something new, and while I agree it could’ve been written a little bit better (rather than essentially being a laundry list of how messed up each of our beloved characters became), it still offers what every comic offers: something entertaining to read.

      Marvel Ruins: An Exercise in Cynicism