Tanya Kaur

Tanya Kaur

Interested in Theatre and Literature and whatever else life has to offer me each and every day.

Junior Contributor I

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Tanya Kaur

I love your comment about CSI becoming a completely new show just by changing location.

Producers of TV love sensationalising topics such as crime and even hospitalisation to make them appeal to wider audiences, that is how they get their profits. Hence they feel the need to take some license at the expense of viewers.

An interesting read with some added humour.

5 Unrealistic Truths Crime Shows Offer Us
Tanya Kaur

I am really interested in this subject and you’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head with your comment that

“Non-naturalistic works possess the ability to transcend language, a form that everybody understands in one way or another, and communicate complex, intellectual and emotional ideas.”

I love how non-naturalistic theatre allows each and every person to provide their own interpretation of the world, just how it is meant to be as each person goes out and sees things differently to their fellow human beings. And at night our dreams merge from our natural day-to-day thoughts, feelings fears and so on into something perceptively absurd but nonetheless thought provoking. Just because non-naturalistic theatre is absurd, it doesn’t make it any less real.

A very sophisticated post.

Who's Afraid of Non-Naturalism? The allure of the 'real' play
Tanya Kaur

I’m really happy how people are personally interpreting the genres that novels are classified within.

Thank you all for the comments.

The Novel Way: A Discussion on Genre
Tanya Kaur

Cli-fi has recently been plagiarised according to its originator Dan Bloom who created the term in 2007 and therefore it emerges more and more now than it did 5-6 years ago.

I do agree that it helps to have this genre as our planet and the environment becomes a forum for debate each day.

Thank you for reading 🙂

The Novel Way: A Discussion on Genre
Tanya Kaur

I absolutely agree that if more emphasis is placed on the performers having fun and less so on morals, politics and indeed money, then the audience has fun to. This is a very interesting read and I really like your writing style, it is very authoritative and intellectual. I look forward to reading more of your articles.

Disability and the Theatre: What can Inclusive Companies Offer to the Mainstream?