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    Manga that should be adapted to an anime

    I often find myself thinking, "this should be adapted to an anime" while reading manga. It would be great to make a list of the top manga that we think should become an anime and a good explanation why.

    • Interesting, though with some constraints. For example, new manga (less than 10 chapters) could be immensely popular, but adapting into anime could create a problem because there are so few chapters to be adapted. Mid-length manga (~50 chapters) is a safe bet, and then the discussion will become what appeals it has in order to be adapted into an anime (e.g. fan service, comedy; after all, anime companies want to make money out of the production). There are some long and old manga that have been adapted in recent years, such as Parasyte and Ping Pong (and one could also count re-make of Sailor Moon). The discussion could be about why there seems to be a surge of adapting old manga in recent years. – Justin Wu 9 years ago

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    I agree with you. There are a lot of unrealistic parts to the show like how Robin is able to afford to live by herself in Manhattan. In many of the seasons, she does not have good reporter job, so it is unrealistic that her salary gives her enough money to pay for her apartment

    How I Met Your Mother: Are We All Living A Boring Life?

    I agree with you on Gohan being a misused character. They downplayed him and his abilities towards the end of Dragon Ball Z and all of Dragon Ball GT. They also should have put more of a focus to Gohan surpassing Goku in Dragon Ball GT and show a progression in his character. They built him up to be such a strong character and to be more powerful then his dad, but then make him a let down character. In a way, he doesn’t really even get to make his own name for himself; he is just Goku’s son, and Goku gets all this glory which is deserved from all the accomplishments the writers write him to have.

    Top Ten Misused Dragon Ball Characters

    Nice review! I’m interested in this manga now and can’t wait to read it.

    Otomen Volume 1 Review: Does viz's best seller shojo title deserve it's popularity?