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    Is The Walking Dead in jeopardy?

    Critique season 8 and explain why it wasn’t as well-recepted as the earlier seasons. One could brush over the legal issues/numerous writer and producer changes in the last few years. Provide a conclusive analysis of where the show is struggling and needs to improve. Perhaps offer a solution/prediction for season 9.

    • I used to be an avid watcher of The Walking Dead, but have grown increasingly frustrated with the show. To me, the show started losing traction after the Governor was killed off. The first few seasons and what the characters struggled with felt more human and somehow relatable, but this has been lost with the show trying to find new plots. It all feels very cyclical- a new threat arises, the group struggles, a beloved character is killed off, they have to figure out how to grapple with this, and eventually they prevail. The only real action occurs in the season premiere, midseason finale, the episode immediately following, and the finale. Each individual episode needs to entice the viewer to want to keep watching, or else people (like myself) will become more and more bored and careless with the show and its characters. – jordanlprochnow 6 years ago
    • The battle with the Saviors dragged on too long: That should have been reduced to less episodes. At times there is too much character reflection (interpersonal growth or thought)--this is a zombie show. At the beginning it was tolerable but that needed to change. – Joseph Cernik 6 years ago

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    I feel like a lot of people are drawn to reality television because it’s easy for us to immerse ourselves – it’s not necessarily far-fetched like fiction, but interesting enough for us to be invested and not find it boring like every day life. I feel like we can be satisfied watching this kind of TV because the peoples’ lives are eccentric and dramatic more-so than our own – but almost reachable so we’re not disconnected.

    The Enhanced Reality of Reality TV

    This article is still relevant after the Season 8 finale. Rick has seemed to have done a complete 180 in how he views the world now. It isn’t good v evil – people are just people, and need to work through their differences to succeed. Have to admit this disappointed me – I was looking forward to seeing some payback. There’s always next season though!

    The Walking Dead: The transformation of Rick Grimes

    I’m new to the Artifice and hopefully would like to have my own work published. This is the first article I’ve read and it’s a good read! Just some thoughts I had:

    I agree the Alien franchise is an interesting one to look at. I’m not sure if I would say Ripley’s ‘celibacy’ is a key aspect in her character. After all, in Alien 3 she does have a brief relationship with the doctor, and in Alien 2 it is subtly hinted she and Hicks expressed some kind of interest in each other. I would like to think these events were included to show she was in control of her decisions, that she was able to express her desires etc., but prioritise them well when an alien is running around! I would say that Ripley is one of the best examples of women who defies the poor stereotype that aromantic/aseuxal = strong for women.

    I also like your Game of Thrones examples – however when I think of the strong female characters, I think immediately of Daenerys. She leads armies and conquers lands – a role she is frequently undermined for AND simultaneously enters relationships. Sure she can’t wield a sword (she has dragons for that!) or express herself very well physically like Arya or Briene, but I think her leadership is strong, confident and commanding. One could argue her relationships and scenes are very sexualised however, but I think Game of Thrones doesn’t entirely categorise women into separate sexual or feminine or strong boxes.

    Great article!

    Representation of female celibacy in Television and Film