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    Scandal and reflection on events occurring today

    Analyze how Shonda Rhimes incorporates events that are happening in America today, such as black lives matter movement, gay rights, women rights, etc. in the tv show Scandal.

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      This is a beneficial article to help acknowledge my procrastination writing. It helped me realize how harshly I judge myself because I just want everything to be absolutely perfect.

      Writing: The Real Reason You Procrastinate

      Mrs. Doubtfire has been on the top of my favorite movies list for years now! I am so glad you included it! I must touch upon the statement of people viewing Stu as the bad guy, even though he is a generous and patient man. I believe people view him as the “bad guy” because of the scene when they are at the pool and Stu accuses Daniel of being “a loser”. Personally, I think that was disrespectful to say. Daniel is clearly a wonderful father to his children, or else he wouldn’t be going through all of this aggravation of faking a completely new identity to be with his children. I don’t think it was justified for Stu to criticize a man and his relationship with his children when he rarely even knows him. Therefore, I think that is why people view Stu as being the “bad guy” in the movie. Although, I do completely agree with the writer that Stu is not a hostile guy at all.

      10 Overlooked Facts From Your Favorite Movies

      I completely agree that this show sends the message that women need a man in their lives in order to be truly happy. This was an incredibly well- written article that made me deeply analyze the show. I have never seen The Bachelor, but I watched The Bachelorette last season for the first time. While I have to admit, it was entertaining, I also found it disappointing because it gives off an image that women are distressed without a husband and lack satisfaction when they don’t have a man by their side. I observed this when Britt lost the vote to becoming the Bachelorette. She was absolutely devastated because she was under the impression that all the guys admired her, and that she could really see her husband in that room. Even Kaitlyn said she would be completely shattered if she got voted to go home because she knows, for a fact, that her husband was there. The whole show, in general, is just very unrealistic to me because I don’t believe that women need men in their lives to be successful, and it is crucial that we get away from this idea. I say this because it makes females look incredibly weak since they rely on men to make them happy and support them. The article concludes with a very strong and accurate thought, “Viewers are shown that single women are losers and that success wears a white dress and diamond ring”. I couldn’t agree more with this because, at the end of the Bachelorette, Kaitlyn was ecstatic that she was engaged to Shawn. She was basically announcing to the public how her life is now complete because she found her husband, the one she wants to “spend the rest of her life with”.

      How to Win a Husband: The Singular Path to Female Fulfillment on The Bachelor