allan reis

allan reis

A real person that loves to see the world through art, relationship and experiences. Trying to transform everything inside me into words to share with the world.

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Is a part 3 of The Last of Us really necessary?

"The Last of Us" has become an acclaimed game due to its story, memorable characters, and post-apocalyptic world. With the release of two sucessful games, many fans are anticipating a potential third part. However, with this, comes the question: is a part 3 of The Last of Us really necessary?

By exploring the potential direction of the game series, it is important to consider the implications of continuing the story. Has the narrative reached a natural conclusion or is there still more to be told? A part 3 could provide an opportunity to expand upon the world and characters established in the previous games, while also resolving any lingering questions or story arcs.

At the same time, there are valid concerns about the potential risks of a third part. How might a part 3 change the established lore or character dynamics? Could it detract from the impact of the previous games or damage the series forever?

In this article, we could explore the pros and cons of a part 3 of The Last of Us, considering both the potential benefits and drawbacks of continuing the story. Discuss the ways in which a third part could expand the world and characters of the previous games, as well as the potential risks that must be avoided to preserve the integrity of the series.

  • Good concept but execute the question with more clarity. Specify "series forever," "continuing history," "what potential direction," and what expansion would you like the writer to discuss? – Montayj79 2 months ago

Bertold Brecht's distancing in Video Game experiences

Brecht has implemented in his theatre the "Verfremdungseffekt", which can be translated to the "alienation effect" or "distancing effect." Essentially, by creating interruptions or fissures within the illusion on stage, the audience can achieve a certain distance to the characters and events, allowing for evaluation and critique. During his performances, the audience is presented to some cues that indicates that what they are seeing is an ilusion, that what they are seing is actually an actor playing a scene. This cues can be strange objects, non-connected actions or actors speaking directly to the audience for example. Different of the Theatre of Pleasure, when the audience is emotionally connected to the play, Brecht seeks to create a critical discussion about what is being showed. He redefine it as Epic Theatre.

Is it possible to have the same effect in Video Games where you, as a player, is somehow intensively connected to the gameplay and the character?

  • A minimum of one or two video game examples must be provided by the author, together with a discussion of how each one employs the technique in question, the player's experience with it, and the degree to which the implementation achieves the objectives that were set out when it was created. Some examples are: The Stanley Parable; Her Story; This War of Mine; Papers, Please; etc. – Samer Darwich 4 months ago

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allan reis

I just loved reading this. First time I see female characters being seen from this perspective and I thought it was fantastic!

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl: Manipulative or Unrealistic?
allan reis

Hi, Alex!

I got your point 🙂 Actually, the most difficult part about this article was think about an end. We all have our responsibility as individuals, as you said. My suggestion for disconnection was more into how we individually can reconnect with what is trully real? I dont know, maybe it became too open.

Thank you for your input, anyway 🙂

Exploring the impact of social medias through Helter Skelter and Black Mirror's Nosedive
allan reis

I think art has many arms, games will reflect movies and vice-versa. In the end, they all reflect life and its complexity.

Cinematic Games: Video Games and the Shadow of Cinema
allan reis

Nice read! In the end, as suggested, the scientific and religious aspects walks side by side to one and final goal, or as one and final path. Having both is part of the development and part of how we grew up as society aswell.

Full Metal Alchemist: Science vs Religion
allan reis

Bojack is timeless and yet today your article stills true and actual! And it is proved with the other seasons how the humor and the dark themes are balanced in a way that makes Bojack even more complex. Who knows he finally became “more a man than a horse”.

Bojack Horseman: Balancing Humor and Dark Themes