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    Are movies based on comic books becoming too much?

    While some of us love superheroes and villains, are having movies based on them becoming too much? Is it better for them to just remain as comic books and not a live-action movie? You can touch on earlier comic book movies and see how well they did in the past compared to now. Also, how well their sequels did at the box office.

    • You can possibly note too as to why we have so much of that. Given that some of the past were successful, some hit and miss, and some are quite infamously bad. It almost seems like in a way, they're trying to give the public what they want to give better comic hero representation. But in doing so, the marketing took advantage of the popularity and might've given us too much of a good thing. But in the end, it could be that we're the ones responsible for letting that happen since we demanded that. – Ryan Walsh 9 years ago
    • You're going to want to mention the terms of licensing rights. Studios must produce a film of an IP every so often, which means companies like Sony who own certain franchises (most notoriously, Fantastic 4) are required to push out something, good or bad, in order to keep their IPs. – Austin 9 years ago
    • Understanding popularity and how far the industry is willing to go to beat a dead horse is key. Pure laziness in the desire for cheap ways to make money is what drives Hollywood to invest so much in a type of movie of any kind, the thinking being if they pump out more movies on superheroes (everyone gets a movie!) more and more people who liked the original good ones will keep paying until the trend starts to fall. When they get dangerously close to losing money then they'll pick up on the next thing. In essence, taking a look at past examples of trends in movies (and other area like videogames - do we really need another Call of Duty every year?) can help illustrate what "too much" means to an audience that's been investing for years in Hollywood's gimmicks. – smartstooge 9 years ago
    • I really like what you've done here, keep it going! :) – scoleman 9 years ago
    • I'm curious as to what comparisons you could draw from other industries. Are there other noteworthy cases of "too much of a good thing?" Also, do you think the comic book fan base might help the sub-genre stay alive? Comic fans are used to new and semi-frequent installments about their favorite characters. We're even used to identity (cast) changes. Maybe that makes us more likely to hold on to superhero movies than other popular genres. – JakeNoseIt 9 years ago
    • Using current Marvel Studios movies as a template, one reason why current superhero movies are successful is that, while they deliver copious amounts of fan service through cameos and Easter eggs, the development of a semi-original plot line creates a sense of anticipation; instead of simply being a regurgitation of pre-existing stories (which can be extremely satisfying), these movies construct a new continuum with the characters in a new environment, as if a comic book is being constructed on the big screen for the audience to witness. – EmeryAF0624 9 years ago
    • Under capitalism, the-more-the-better is the path to go. – T. Palomino 2 years ago

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    Great study! It’s true about the advertising. Disney is so good at advertising their products, it is unbelievable! But — I can’t lie, I get sucked into their advertising as well. As much as I love Disney, I am not a huge fan of Frozen. I love that Disney did not make it as, “the Prince will save the Princess,” but the film didn’t touch me as the others have in my life.

    Why is Disney Overemphasizing Frozen?

    Great article! I always wondered why I am starting to dislike superhero movies. I guess it’s because they lack character development and a good story line.

    A Successful or Disappointing Future for Superhero Movies?

    Wow, I might have to research that.

    The Rise of YouTube

    Interesting thought. Never thought about that!

    The Rise of YouTube

    Indeed it does!

    The Rise of YouTube

    Thank you! Also, great observation; I hope YouTube continues delivering quality videos as well.

    The Rise of YouTube

    Yes, I guess that’s why we are so hooked to it!

    The Rise of YouTube
    The Rise of YouTube