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    What Will Become of the Written English Language?

    Twitter, Facebook, Texting- you name it. All forms of social media are used daily like breathing air. Since the majority of young adults write so many tweets and comments per second, acronyms, written slang, and jargon are created. There is LOL, omw, btw, and the list goes on and on. How will this transform the written English language? Are the transformations positive or negative? Or are these transformations creating something entirely new?

    • You can also mention how urbandictionary is sometimes used in court, because the witnesses talk in so much slang that they need someone to refer to it. Words like 'ratchet' and 'dope' have their own double meaning now, which can be hard for people trying to learn English. – YsabelGo 9 years ago
    • I don't think this is only an English phenomenon. Would be interesting to have a look at other languages as well, maybe find some funny acronyms or changes of language that are particularly striking. – Rachel Elfassy Bitoun 9 years ago
    • Anyone writing on this topic should probably start by reading some of the linguist David Crystal's work, such as his book called Txting: the Gr8 Db8. He carefully avoids and debunks the "end of civilization" approach to this topic and also looks at languages besides English. – laurajeffries 9 years ago
    • This topic sounds interesting, but should definitely include a callback to how language has historically developed and evolved to become whole new ones, especially considering English's Mr. Shakespeare. English itself is a unique case of blended languages stealing from others, etc. – smartstooge 9 years ago
    • The evolution of text based language: and believe me it does evolve. The abbreviations and terms used today, are not the same of yesterday. Language is always evolving and so we go from lol to lml, going ham to goat, web searching to googling. Language is affected on a larger spectrum than we sometimes realize. From the microcosm of adolescent fads to the larger picture of a world shaped by the... devolution of language? – george 9 years ago
    • I thought it was interesting going from high school to college and seeing how my peers changed their text message writing. In high school, we all used shorthand, but as we aged (and texts no longer had word limits) we began to type in full sentences again. Does this have to do with phones that suggest words for you? Full keypads? No word limits? – cc327 9 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    Thank you, I enjoyed reading this article. All cultures have something that other cultures extract and “blow up.” Even if it is something very small, restricted to a district or portion, if it gains headlines and popularity (positive or negative) it will become the focus of an entire culture. Then other aspects, the important and valid ones, will be undermined and shadowed. The Russian culture is a perfect example. Many people cannot distinguish propaganda from how things actually are.

    Russian Stereotypes in American Television

    Glamorous*; Border*

    'Criminal Minds': Television's Violent Crime and its Impact on Audiences and Reality

    Aside from being a huge Criminal Minds fan myself, this show suggests exactly what the audience will get: an all exclusive view inside the sick mind of criminals. As sick and insane as some of the “unsubs” can be on this show, it is expected that the view is not a glamours one. The issue that critics may point out is the disturbing images that suggest crude and ugly experiences. Some where out there someone is being raped, tortured, and or murdered. It is obvious that viewer discretion is advised before watching an episode, especially with children present.

    Criminal Minds does a fantastic job with these disturbing images without crossing the boarder into just another gory film, such as Saw. What is more pleasing about this show is the attachments viewers build with main characters. Personally, mine is with Spence. I believe this show offers much more than out of the ordinary and typical crime shows.

    'Criminal Minds': Television's Violent Crime and its Impact on Audiences and Reality

    In support of Fanfiction and Fanfiction writers, it is an escape, a stress reliever. As Emilie’s article suggests, Fanfiction definitely has more benefits in stored than drawbacks. It is a great activity for young writers that want to explore their talents or experiment with writing.

    In terms of school and education, it is a great tool for the classroom- all educational levels. Teachers may be surprised by the positive feedback from Fanfiction assignments, even from the least expected students. That’s why Fanfiction is as big as it is today- anyone can do it if inspired to do so. I really hope the world continues to play around with Fanfiction.

    Fanficton: A Practice in the Art of Storytelling

    Young adult dystopian literature seems to be a permanent genre that is here to stay due to many good reasons. It captures the imagination and allows an emotional escape for readers. Despite plot, it is really the characters that readers fall in love with- the emotional escape that draws them in. Readers are side-by-side with the protagonists and feel pain when they are in pain, feel love when they fall in love, feel pressure when they are pressured, and so on. Readers grow attachment to characters and that is why this genre will not die out. The plot, characters, and ideas may change, but the attachment and journey never will. This genre encompasses the many real-life problems that reality faces each day- abuse, corruption… Although these issues may be exaggerated for pure entertainment, it allows readers to gain new insight and maybe even sympathy. Regarding the mass media and negative and positive influences, I strongly believe this genre (books and movies) is of positive influence for young readers. It is much more stimulating and causes feelings and thoughts than many other genres that dictate mass media today.

    The Rising Popularity of Dystopian Literature